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Avoid scams when dating Russian women online

Many people have been there, they return home to happily check new messages they have received from a woman they've been talking to online for some time. She is extremely beautiful, looks like a model, but she lives in a poor village where all of the men are drunk and lazy. You have known her for some time, you've been talking for a while and you are getting to enjoy it a lot. But, this time you are greeted with a different message. You find out that her grandmother is sick, that she was in a car accident or anything similar. You will also find out that she needs money fast. If you send it, chances are that you have been scammed. How to avoid being in this kind of situation? What should be done to avoid it?


- Searching for women half your age

Don't do it, girls who are 20 years old won't find a man in his 50s attractive. The only thing which might make them interested is if he has a lot of money, but then again, you are looking for a relationship, not a hooker. If you are in your 40s, 50s or older, be wary of ladies who are in their early 20s and showing signs of affection. In most of the cases that is an obvious scam concocted by a kid without a job who doesn't want to work but needs money. Even if it is a real girl, most likely she is a gold digger, looking for someone older who is willing to shower her with cash. Avoid falling into that trap.

Russian dating scams -

- Searching for women who look like models

Let's be frank, most of us men are not close to being a super model. Most of us don't have what it takes to support a woman who is a super model. If you happen to stumble upon a woman who seems to be unrealistically beautiful, then the truth is most likely that she either doesn't exist or is using pictures taken from someone else. If you see something which is too good to be true, then it most likely is.

- She doesn't give out personal information

After you've been talking to her for some time, it would be wise to at least give her a call or to ask for her address to send her snail mail. Sending snail mail does two things, it shows her that you have a romantic side and it helps you figure out whether you are talking to a real person. To make you feel perfectly safe, ask her for her phone number and talk to her. If she hesitates to give out info about herself, than you are most likely dealing with a scammer.


- She only wants to be "rescued"

Men who have experience with dating Russian women online have noticed a pattern with scammers. Most of them think of a true-sounding sob story. The goal is to make you feel the need to help a poor soul, while the truth is that someone else is helping you with emptying your wallet. Most of the stories sound something like this: men are all drunk and lazy, life is horrible, and there are no jobs... While all of it may be true, it is important to note that scammers have to come up with true sounding stories to be able to scam you out of your money. Be very wary of it, don't fall for it.

There are many risks that come with online dating, and those who choose to do it choose to accept those risks. The Internet is full of many scammers and it will always be like that. That doesn't mean that there are no real people online, it just means that they are harder to notice. Keep these tips on your mind while trying to find a Russian girl online and you will definitely feel and be safer, and so will your money.

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dating russian women
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