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Beginning of a relationship with a Russian woman

Beginnings of a new relationship are always hard; it is during those times that we feel like teenagers again. We can't help it, chemistry does its part and we can't fight against it. We start to have conflicting thoughts, we feel as if we aren't thinking straight and sometimes we don't even know what to feel. It is almost the same for any man out there, it makes you difficult to concentrate, and it makes you feel happy, unsettled, sad and ecstatic. It always varies but in the end, it is a good feeling.


Most of the men will feel amazing after a first date that went well. It feels good to be desired and attractive; it is definitely a nice feeling to have someone who likes you. After the second date you will feel awesome again, but after it comes the time when you will both start to analyze one another more. This is the time when your Russian woman will start to test you a bit verbally and will try to analyze the emotional content in your conversations. She will also try to see how witty you can be, she will try to learn more about the humor you enjoy and she will try to pick up on subtle parts of your character.

This is the time when you will start to doubt yourself more, especially if you like your Russian lady. It might make you panic and make you worry about losing her. It is completely normal, but at this stage of the relationship you might do some silly thinks which you otherwise never would. You can come across as being possessive and even overbearing. The best thing to do would be to back off, remain cool and wait. Whatever happens, will happen; just don't do something which will definitely make her decide that she doesn't want to see you.

The beginning of a relationship is the most fun part, so try to enjoy in it. Don't go over thinking it because that can only ruing things for the both of you. There will be more problems like the first kiss and first sex. You will have to think well on how and when you would like to do it. There is no universal rule for it. Russian women are not easy, so don't expect that you will be in her pants in no time. Take it slow, read her body language. After a few dates you will know whether she is serious about you two or not. It is wise to repeat it now - do not rush anything. Just let things unravel at their own pace, but don't be satisfied with nothing happening. If you figure out that she is shy, then it will be a bit harder to know whether she is into you. If you have gone on a few dates then it is safe to say that she likes you and that the time has come to take the relationship to the next level.

relationship with a Russian woman

When dating is slow, there is a chance that nothing might come out of it, so make sure that you like her and then try to notice the signs of her affection. Russian women, like all the other women, sometimes like playing silly games. They will ignore the man they like just to see how long it takes him to call them back. Be aware of these games but don't ignore them, just give them what they want, after all, it will make them feel special.

Try to keep these few things on your mind when your relationship with a Russian woman is picking up. Try to keep your head cool, not over analyze everything and just relax. Whatever happens, it is not the end of the world. Good luck.

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dating russian women
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