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Changes you will notice after marrying a Russian woman

Marriage is always a huge change, but it can be a massive change when you marry someone from a different country. Both of you were raised in a different way, both come from different cultures and it is that clash of cultures and interests which makes things interesting.


There are a few things which can be said that most of the men will notice during their life with a Russian woman. Some might be a tiny bit annoying, but it is nothing that a person can't get used to.

- You will learn to love soup

Most of the western men are used to drinking soups from a can or some variety of an instant soup. Those soups can be tasty, but it doesn't come close to what a loving woman can make. Russian women have tons of experience when it comes to cooking. They had tons of time to learn from their mothers and grandmothers, and it is safe to say that they know their way around the stove. Russian women know that a soup filled with chicken meat and vegetables is very healthy. Not only is it healthy, it is very tasty as well. You should get used to eating it almost every single day.

- She is always right

This might not be an only Russian thing; this is probably the same with all of the married women. You will have to learn that there are certain things which women just have to have it their way. It is ok to not argue about it, even if you don't happen to agree. Sometimes it is better to just leave her with a sense of victory than to turn it into an argument. As the years go by, you will learn to read her face, she won't have to say a thing you will just know when she isn't agreeing with you.

- Old clothes are useful

Most of the people from the former Soviet countries had to deal with being very poor. Everything was a luxury and nothing was to be thrown away if it can be used for something. Those habits got picked up by the children, who are now grown up and still doing the same things, even though things aren't as bad as they used to be. You will notice that your Russian wife doesn't throw old torn clothes away, she rather uses it for cleaning dust or anything else that needs cleaning. You will just have to deal with it, over the time you will also see that there's nothing wrong with it and that it is pretty useful.


- Being happy

This is probably the most important change that you will notice. If you are a person of an open mind, someone who can accept differences and deal with them in a proper way, you will definitely be happy with a Russian wife. Yes, you won't agree on everything, but that's normal, no one does. There might be some problems at start, but if both of you care enough and work hard enough on the relationship, you will soon find out just how happy you are. It will surprise you, and you are going to love it. So, be sure that you are prepared for a new chapter in life. Make sure that you are aware of anything that might happen and you too will find happiness in love.

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dating russian women
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