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Confidence - Russian women love it – How to gain it

Most of us are shy about something. We get shy on some occasions, when we are in a crowded room, when talking to someone new etc. We are all different, but one thing stays the same, something can make us shy and seem as if we are not as confident as we really are.


Russian ladies are known for liking men who are chivalrous, confident, say what they think and are gentlemen. It might be a bit overwhelming to know that you have to date such a woman; some might even say that it is scary.

Shyness can take on many different forms, it might make us not able to approach a person we like, it might make us say stupid things, and it could make us be clumsier than we really are. Shyness makes a man just keep on looking at a girl he likes without ever approaching her. Shyness can make a man say no to a date due to the fear of coming of as someone who is not manly enough. This is pretty common, especially in the dating game. It sends out mixed signals and leads to miscommunication. That's why it is so important to avoid the feeling of shyness and regain confidence.

Shyness can be cute, if you are a woman. Many men find shyness as a quality, when it comes to women. On the other hand, shy men are definitely not as attractive as the shy women are. That's why the time has come to stop being shy and finding lost confidence.

The first question you've got to ask yourself is "what am I shy about?" Most of the men will learn that it is the fear of failure that makes them shy. Men have a fear of being rejected; it is probably like that due to the fact that they have to make the first move. It is rare to see a woman approaching a man and telling him that she likes him. They don't have the fear of rejection as much as the men do. It is important to tell yourself that it doesn't matter if you get rejected, because it really does not. The woman might seem perfect in every way, but she is not, those are just the chemicals in your brain making you a bit stupid. You have to keep in mind that there are many women out there, and if one rejects you that just means that there are many others you can try your luck on. Remember, it's just a numbers game, ask 10 girls out, even if 9 say no, the 10th one says yes and that's what's important, the goal. The road to the goal might be paved with unsuccessful tries, but when you finally reach it, you will definitely feel extremely satisfied.


Another thing that makes men shy and less confident is a problem with their own appearance. Maybe they are not happy with the way they look, and instead of dealing with it they lose all confidence. So what if you have a big, round tummy? Do you not like it? If yes, then do something to lose it. If you don't care about it, then act that way. It's something which makes you who you are, and if you enjoy it, show it off. The main rule is, if you don't like something about yourself, do something to change it.

Some men are shy because they see their friends being successful with dating, being chatty, witty and generally lucky with the ladies. Then they think to themselves that they will never be like their friends are. The truth is, it might be true, but that does not mean that you have to stay away from the dating game. There aren't two same persons in the world, we are all different and we have to make do with what we were given with birth. Think hard about what it is that makes you less confident, be honest with yourself and try to improve yourself, you will feel much better and you will see that your luck in the dating game is improving.

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dating russian women
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