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General dating rules

It doesn't matter if you ...

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How to impress women

Russian women are well known throughout the world....

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How to improve dating profile

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Myths and truths about Russian women

There are many myths concerning every nation of the world, most of them are created out of ignorance and the unwillingness to accept certain differences. This short text will try to deal with some of the most common myths and truths about the Russian women.

Keeping the momentum in dating a Russian woman

Once you have gone on a date or two with her, you have to ask yourself "what next?" You need to have a plan, a way to keep her interested in you. You mustn't let your dating run out of steam too early

How to be romantic with a Russian woman

Romance is one of the most important things in a relationship. Every woman dreams of finding a romantic man, someone who will do things for her that will make her blush and week in her knees. The same goes for Russian women, while there might be a few slight differences, same things apply

Being a single parent and dating Russian women

This is not a simple subject, and it is hard to write about it, but we will try to help out as much as we can. Being a single parent has never been easy if you are looking for a partner. Most of the people see you as if you were carrying a lot of baggage that a single person doesn't have to take on because there are a lot of people out there who have no children, and they are single as well. This is the truth, plain and simple, many people will put people without children in front of you, and you just have to deal with it

Tips for successful and safe online relationships

As a person who is looking for a Russian woman, you are often online and you have to deal with lots of things on the Internet. This guide was meant to help you have a safe journey and to help you be more successful with online dating

Getting ready for your date with a Russian woman

Most of the people who go out on a date feel nervous and start feeling worse the closer the time of the date is. This article was made in order to help you overcome all of the fears you might have when it comes to dating. You might be a bit rusty, or the fact could be that you've never had luck with dates. Many factors like the ones mentioned above contribute to the feeling of unease when it comes to dating. Hopefully these tips will manage to help you get into a proper mood for the date.

First date with a Russian woman - ideas from inexpensive to expensive

Most of the people think that the first date isn't important, that it is ok to go to a simple restaurant or to the movies. The truth is your first date with a Russian woman should be something special, as long as you can afford it. She will notice that you have put more attention into the date, and she will appreciate it more than a simple night spent watching movies at the cinema. Here are some ideas starting from the inexpensive ones and ending with the most expensive ones.

Beginning of a relationship with a Russian woman

Beginnings of a new relationship are always hard; it is during those times that we feel like teenagers again. We can't help it, chemistry does its part and we can't fight against it. We start to have conflicting thoughts, we feel as if we aren't thinking straight and sometimes we don't even know what to feel. It is almost the same for any man out there, it makes you difficult to concentrate, and it makes you feel happy, unsettled, sad and ecstatic. It always varies but in the end, it is a good feeling.

Types of men that Russian women avoid

Every woman is looking for something different in a man. The same goes for Russian women, they are all different and each one of them appreciates certain things. When it comes to things which women don't like, it is very easier to make a list because most of the women who want a serious relationship avoid certain types of men. It is the same with Russian women; they are not much different than any other women. We hope that this article will help you with avoiding certain behavior which Russian ladies don't like.

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dating russian women
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