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Russian brides - dealing with rejection

Rejection is one of the biggest fears people can have. Sometimes it can be very damaging and impair our judgment and cause a lot of problems in our lives. When talking about relationships and dating, rejection is one of the subjects which are very important to mention.


How it makes us feel

Whenever we are rejected by someone, we feel small, insignificant and worthless. It is definitely not a pleasant feeling, and it influences everyone in a different way. It makes some people cry, it makes them loose self confidence and it makes them hide. Rejection can be pretty harsh, it is not a something anyone would enjoy experiencing. Some might even decide to exact some sort of revenge after being rejected. No matter how we react to rejection, one fact is true for everyone, it hurts.

Types of rejection

Rejection is known for coming in many different forms. It might be something small and simple, like a partner forgetting an important date, or forgetting about an arranged meeting, but it could be something big as well, something huge like a partner being unfaithful, a loved one calling off the relationship or something else. Because being rejected hurts, it is often not important what kind of rejection it is, it is more important how to deal with it when you are on the receiving end.

Who to blame?

One of the biggest mistakes everyone makes when dealing with rejection is to blame the wrong person. We have all been there; we've all done the same thing. We get rejected and we immediately start to blame ourselves. As soon as the rejection happens, we immediately switch on the blame mode. We think that in some weird way it must be our fault, we are the ones who are at fault and we are the ones to blame for being rejected. The truth couldn't be further from it. It is ok to wonder if we did something wrong, but dwelling on it is detrimental to our health. It is important to face reality and move on. Stop blaming yourself, think about what might have caused rejection, but don't over think it.

How to deal with it?

It is hard to speak about this topic because it is not possible to talk about every person in the world. Everyone deals with rejection in a different way, but there are some things which should be kept on mind. Think positive! Yes, no one wants to hear that after a rejection, but nothing is truer than the importance of positive thinking. The worst part is over; you got rejected; now you only have to deal with it. You know where you stand, and the only thing to do is to think about the future. You will be stronger after being rejected; you will learn more about yourself and come out of it all as a better person. Rejection makes us think about what could have been and what will be, it makes us think about ourselves and about other people. Rejection is a perfect way to make you better yourself and become a stronger person. Try not to dwell on it for a long time, think about the future and make it brighter.

Rejection is a complicated topic to talk about, everyone takes it differently and we all deal with it in a certain way, but we can always learn more from it. Try to keep this text in mind when dealing with rejection and try not to worry too much. After all, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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dating russian women
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