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Differences between Russian and American girls

Even though we all live on the same planet, there are bound to be some differences between us all. Most of them are based on how we were brought up, where we have lived, what our parents have taught us and many more details. The same goes with women, as similar as they seem to be, there are plenty of differences between Russian and American ladies.


Dating - American women vs. Russian women

American women have been affected by feminism for around 100 years. Feminism has brought a lot, but there are some things which can't be seen in a positive light. It is almost impossible to court American women in a more traditional way. For an example: You are on a date with a woman, the time comes to pay for the meal, you offer to pay for it all and she gets angry. She is infuriated by the mere thought that she doesn't have to pay for the money. Small acts of chivalry might be taken the wrong way. Let's say you are walking into a restaurant. You hold the door open, and the woman gets angry because she thinks that you are implying that she is too weak to open the door herself. Many actions that a man does may be seen as sexual or aggressive by an American woman.

Russian women are a whole different story, they are more traditional and they expect the men to be the same way. Russian ladies love to feel like someone is taking care of them, they love to feel safe with a man, and they enjoy noticing that their man pays attention to them. Russian girl won't mind if a man opens up the door from her, on the contrary, it is expected. Russian ladies enjoy small signs of affection, they like it when a man takes their coat off, when a man helps them sit. In general, Russian ladies like it when a man takes on a more traditional role of a man. Russian girls are fun and they appreciate a man with a sense of humor. They pay attention to what the man is wearing. Dressing up for a sports game and then coming on a date is never a good idea. Man also needs to be polite, not swear and in general show that he has good manners.

Marriage - American women vs. Russian women

American women enjoy showing everyone how they are independent, how no one is their boss and that they make each and every decision on their own. They don't feel that they need a man to make their life complete. American women are not afraid to put everything else behind her goals and plans.


Russian women enjoy knowing that they have a man who will give them advice, a man who they can ask for help when they have a problem. Russian ladies enjoy sharing their experiences with their partners and they expect the same in return. They like to think of the marriage as working as a team, all decisions are made together and the basis of the marriage is to be supportive.

It's wrong to say that American women are bad wives, but it's important to show how they are different compared to Russian women, so that men may choose who they are more attracted to. Traditional men focused on family values will feel much better with a Russian woman who will always be there to show love and affection.

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