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General dating rules

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General dating rules

It doesn't matter if you are a man who is always in a short relationship, or a man who likes long relationship, or perhaps a man who has never had any success with russian women. Whatever your situation may be, there are some rules which we all should adhere to. If you are thinking of being successful with women, it would be wise to follow these rules.


1. Look your best

Get some good, decent clothes and shoes. Women will definitely notice those things first, and they will look at your shoes. They will notice if they are dirty and they won't like it. Don't buy just one decent outfit which you will use on dates, buy more clothes, learn how to wear them and don't be shy to ask for advice from someone working at a clothing store.

2. Sort out your styling and hygiene

Women will notice your hair, visit your barber and have him do something with your hair. If you don't have much hair, try thinking about shaving it, it will show confidence, and women love confidence. When it comes to facial hair, try not to look like a hobo. If you are letting your beard grow, groom it, the same goes for mustache. Buy yourself nice cologne, and don't bathe in it, just a tiny spray will do wonders.

3. Be knowledgeable

Watch the news; be up to date with the current affair and read quality papers if you are not down with reading a book. Women don't appreciate stupidity, and being lazy is no excuse for sounding dumb. Current affairs are important, knowing about them shows that you care about what goes on in the world and that you have your own opinion on what's currently going around in the world.

4. Don't brag about being able to drink

You're not in high school anymore, no serious woman will think to herself "wow" after you tell her that you can chug down a beer in 3 seconds. No woman wants to think that their date is a possible drunk, so please, stop bragging about how you are a master of drinking, it will get you nowhere.

5. Keep your passions in check

You might be a huge football fan which can recite all of the dates his favorite football club won a championship. Maybe you are a big Lord of the Rings nerd and you have a vast knowledge about the Eldars and can recite the names of all 7 sons of Feanor. You might be tempted to brag to your date about it, but don't, just leave the Elves where they belong and try to find something you both are interested in.


6. Learn some manners

Read up on courtesy, etiquette and chivalry. Don't swear in front of your date, treat her with respect, and learn how to hold a door open for her, listen to what she has to say. She will appreciate it all.

7. Don't expect sex on the first date

If you are only looking for sex, then you are definitely in the wrong place. Women respect a patient man, if you are looking for a girl of your dreams, and then show some patience.

8. Learn to dance

Yes, do it! You might think that real men don't dance, but you couldn't be any more wrong. Dancing is romantic and sexy; it is a perfect opportunity to be closer to your date. Stop thinking about it, and take a few basic lessons, or try to learn it on your own, anything goes.

We hope that these advices will help you out on your search for a woman who will enjoy spending her time with you. Remember, be relaxed, be who you are and work on yourself every day, it will make you a better person, a person who will be able to entice and seduce women.

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dating russian women
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