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How To Apologize Correctly And Flirt With Russian Woman?

Sport is not the only kind of competition in which points are scored. Marriage is another "arena of battle", the bets on which are very high, and where you just can’t fail your team.

Let's admit this: male mistakes in marriage cannot be called a rarity. Having a beer, meat, and a warm beautiful wife at your side is often all that is interesting for men and what the husband pays attention to. But what should a husband do in order to score a few tactically-positive glasses in the eyes of his wife? Maybe this sounds prudent, but a return to a fragile balance in marriage is a critical moment, as well as the happiness of both spouses. So, first of all if you want to be happy with Russian girls, you have to know how to apologize correctly, if you’ve made a mistake.
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  1. Pause before an apology. The girl's emotions will subside and the probability of forgiveness will increase. You may not think about it, but on some days of the menstrual cycle, girls can be emotional, aggressive, very touchy, but it passes. Time-out - that's what you need. It is clear that you want to end this quickly, to get yourself into a state of spiritual comfort, but, believe me, sometimes time works wonders. In addition, a slightly longer pause will cause the girl to doubt - who is to blame for this situation, and maybe she’s also guilty.
  2. Having decided to start your "campaign for forgiveness" don’t call or write an SMS, rather leave all your business and unexpectedly come to her personally. If it’s difficult for some reason to do this, write to her a real paper letter and send it by courier, or even a telegram, this is unusual and the girl will appreciate your action.
  3. Make her understand that she is the only one, special, and no one will ever treat her as beautifully as you do. Any girl with a depth of soul considers herself a princess, dreams of magic and miracles, a trembling attitude towards herself. Sincerely tell her everything that you think about, instead of focusing on the specific details of your quarrel, because this will only make her again relive negative emotions. You task is to smooth out the conflict, to evoke positive feelings in it, at least at the first moment, to give the ground for further explanation. It’s clear that the solid compliments and delights look strange in this situation, you can say something like "Your eyes are so beautiful and so sad, I'm sorry that I offended you, such a sweet and dear person.
  4. If the personal meeting has not given results, the girl persistently doesn’t want to forgive you, you can go to the public phase. The goal is to apologize in public, in this situation it’s very difficult for her to resist. She feels like a heroine of Hollywood movies, they usually like to show a couple of hundred "random" witnesses of such scenes. Order her flowers or balloons in the office or at the university (school) - let all her colleagues see a beautiful bouquet. Think of something unusual that will impress the girl's imagination and make you realize that you are her hero, and she is a super girl, worthy of your love. Sing the serenade in Spanish or attract pop stars for this. Make a film about the history of your love and send it to colleagues in the office, in short, impress her imagination! Learn How To Save A Marriage For The Whole Life?
  5. Use authoritative persons for the girl - mom, dad, girlfriends, acquaintances, class teacher, boss, etc. Talk to them, tell them that you made a mistake, but you can’t live without this girl. Ask them to help you.
  6. Don’t get tired of showing imagination, resourcefulness and ingenuity. For example, order a billboard or billboard with an apology in front of the girl's house. Be persistent, show maximum imagination at the maximum of publicity.

These are the main tips if you are guilty. But also, to be happy with Russian brides, you need to learn a lot of other details, for example, How To Spend A Date With Russian Girls, If It's The First Date?, or how to flirt with Slavic women.
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Everyone wants to love and to be loved, even if you’re more than 50. For this, the simplest rules of courtship are needed. We all enjoy a light flirtation, go on dates and arrange relationships. Many rules of flirtation for older people are still the same, Flirting, when you are 40, 50 or 60, consists of elegant gestures, self-confidence, sharpened elegance in appearance and the ability to communicate with someone who you are interested in.
  • Keep self-confidence. Some of the main advantages of maturity are a calm confidence and the ability to control oneself. They come from knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, the ability to use both, from great life experience and the ability not to dwell on your own ego, "soaked" in hormones.
  • Carefully watch yourself and dress like a respectable person. Dress yourself up-to-date, but according to age. This means not only good taste and consistent style, but also things from serious shops, which are immediately visible both in the quality of the fabric, and in the way they sit on you.
  • Keep social activity. Constant communication with people of different social circles will help to maintain your social skills honed, communication free, and provide many different topics for conversations, when you come across someone with whom you would like to flirt.
  • Supplement communication with skillful and honed, soft and effective gestures and playful touches. The trick is that young people will not dare to do this, and it would be inappropriate to look at all these things in the performance of twenty-year-old boys. But you can afford it from the height of your age.

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dating russian women
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