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How To Avoid 10 Main Mistakes In Bed?

Everyone probably heard such expressions as "a man is a hunter by nature. But women always forget that almost every man tries to please his beloved woman! But sometimes even the most venerable males can make a mistake on the love front!
charming Russian brides

Let's look at the ten most common mistakes of men in bed, which should be avoided, so as not to understand the disappointments in sexual relations! All these mistakes were determined by charming Russian brides.
  1. Wrong choice of the place where you are going to invite the girl!
Many men, because of their simplicity, forget about the aesthetic views of women on everything that is happening, as well as the importance of romance at a fairly close relationship! Therefore, to bring a girl into your dirty apartment is not the best option! First, do cleaning, hide all unnecessary things, wipe dust everywhere, as well as take care of an easy romantic atmosphere: nice relaxing music and a chilled champagne bottle! Such a minimal approach to choosing a place will save you from unnecessary claims and reproaches and will create the necessary comfort for both! But before inviting the girl to your house, you should learn What Is The Difference Between Love And Affection.
  1. Sharpness in action.
Even during a strong attack of passion you need to take care of your partner, and don’t forget about a very necessary part of the love relationship - foreplay! It’s not recommended to forget about the "warming up" in order not to get a refuse.
  1. Loss of self-control.
Men sometimes are too temperamental and don’t know how to wait - this is their fault. If you have enough strength for courtship and other romantic "trivia", then why break off at the moment when everything is already in your hands? Don’t hurry up in sex - think not only about your pleasure, but about the pleasure of Russian girls!
pleasure of Russian girls
  1. Ignoring the prompts.
Often, women, try to show by some gestures or "body language" what they want in bed instead of saying it! Look closely at your partner and try to determine where she prefers, that you behave more tenderly and show concern, or vice versa, use your "brute" force!
  1. Maintaining all your sexual dreams at once.
It happens with all the men who want to get from the girl the embodiment of all their sexual fantasies in one night! Do not rush a girl and never abuse her! You can just discuss what you like, and get together at the most optimal variant.
  1. Rude behavior.
In most cases girls don’t like the image of "macho", which is so actively imposed on men by porn films and modern society, because of their disrespectful attitude in bed and rude behavior.
  1. "A man is in charge of everything!"
This motto is inappropriate in sexual relations and it looks like personal self-gratification! Consult with each other about how you want to do this. Read the Best Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship
  1. Lack of knowledge about women's erogenous zones.
Even self-assured lovers are advised to become familiar with the structure of the female body, especially with the location of erogenous zones. It is foolish to hope that only the chest and genital area are the places where the girls get pleasure from the touch. Do not forget also about gentle touches and kisses of a back, a bend of a waist, a foot and neck of the beloved girl!
    russian bride online dating
  1. A girl is always pleased.
A very common mistake of men is to think that when they have orgasm, the girl also gets an orgasm! Be able to distinguish the simulation of a girl who wants to please you and support your confidence with a real sense of her orgasm. Pay attention to your woman during sex, or try to bring her to the conversation, although the girls, sometimes, complex to talk with men on such frank topics!
  1. It’s time to bed

Men, remember that girls do not like very much when after sex you go away or go to bed! Girls need your attention, as well as the sex itself! Give her a little time for the final kisses and caresses, talk about something pleasant, but most importantly - do not leave her alone!

Now you know what mistakes are the most common in the bed and how to avoid them, and you can reflect on your mistakes and draw the appropriate conclusions!

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dating russian women
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