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How to be romantic with a Russian woman

Romance is one of the most important things in a relationship. Every woman dreams of finding a romantic man, someone who will do things for her that will make her blush and week in her knees. The same goes for Russian women, while there might be a few slight differences, same things apply for the most women of the world. If you can fall in love, you can be romantic too. Romance is not about grand flashy gestures, it is in the small things. Romance is a two-way process, but if you don't start, then who will? While the movies show us what romance is about, the truth is, that's the way things go only in the movies. Don't mistake it for reality, because it certainly isn't. Here are a few simple tips which should help you out with being romantic with a Russian woman.


- If you have never before been romantic with anyone, learn more about it. Teach yourself what it means to be romantic and why it is so important for both of the partners to be romantic. With better understanding of it you too can finally start experiencing romance.

- Being romantic doesn't mean that you are any less a man. Most of the women will see romantic men as being more masculine, and it will definitely increase your reputation with them.

- One of the key principles of romance is thoughtfulness. Start by thinking less about yourself and more about her. Be less selfish and you will start to unravel the secrets of romance.

- Call her just to say hello or hear her voice. As cheesy as it sounds, it is a sure way to have her notice that you care.

- Start going on walks together. It doesn't matter what kind of weather it is, the only thing that matters is that you are spending time together. If it rains, you can always lend her your jacket, if it snows, you can protect her. Whatever is happening, she needs to see that you are willing to suffer for some time in order to make her feel better.

- Buy flowers for her, even when there is no reason to do so. Most of the women adore flowers, for some reason a dead plant is romantic to them. Just go with it, surprise her on random occasions with a flower or a few, and try to keep her guessing when the next time it will happen is.

- Compromise is the key. There will be times when you will have to put some things aside for her. She might want to see you, but you have already planned a night with friends. Cancel your previous plan, and meet with her. She will greatly appreciate it.


- Send her a letter. Snail mail is a thing of the past, but women see it as something very romantic. They know that you had to put time and effort in your letter, and they will respect you more for it.

- Allow her to have time for her own things. You might miss her a lot, but let her have fun with her own friends. That way when you do get together it will heighten the feeling of romance.

- Laugh together with her. Do things that make you both feel happiness and joy. There is no better thing than having a laugh with the person you care about.

- Anticipate her wishes and desires, show her that you are listening to her and that you care.

- Romance is in small details. You don't have to spend half of your paycheck in order to show her that you care. Small and thoughtful is much better than lavish without any thought.

We hope that these advices will help you out more with the romantic involvement with a Russian woman. Keep these things in mind, make sure to show her how you feel and remember that she needs to know special. Satisfy her needs, compliment her and surprise her with gifts or small signs of affection. She will grow fonder of you if you take the time to be romantic.

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dating russian women
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