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How to improve dating profile

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How to improve your online dating profile

A picture is worth a thousand words. Image matters a lot, in love and in life. The same goes with the dating profiles. It is very important to present yourself in the best light, to show off your good sides and not look weird and creepy. After all, your profile is the first thing women see about you. Your profile is what talks to women who decide to check you out, it is a window into your world, and it is very important to take good care of it.


Look into the camera! Say cheese!

Smile, look into the camera and take a picture. It's that simple, but very important. After all, a photo is the first thing someone notices when checking out your profile. It makes a difference whether someone will want to communicate with you or not. Try not to have other people in the photo, keep it simple, don't wear sunglasses. Let the people see your face for what it is do not overdo it with trying to make the best possible appearance. It is important to look good, but try not to make it look unnatural. There was a research not so far ago about what does NOT work: a flirty expression while looking away from the camera. Just think of it as duckface and you will never do it again. Your photo should be simple, show your face and tell a small story about who you are.

Don't lie!

One simple fact is true for most of the online profiles: people tend to exaggerate in their profiles. The most typical lie is regarding height and weight. Following it is income, age, marital status and how recent profile picture is. With that in mind, you will most likely lie about something as well, but it is not advised, after the entire goal is to go on a date and meet someone. Do you really think that when someone notices that you are not the same person from your profile that they will still have a good opinion about you? The answer is plain and simple, no! Lies always get found out, sooner or later. Ask yourself, would you enjoy being lied to? Would you like to see one person in a profile and to be greeted by another person when you meet them? Of course not! The best thing to do is to be honest; it will save you and your potential partner a lot of heartache.


Don't be creepy!

It's ok to have passions and interests, just keep in mind that not everyone will appreciate your anime figure collection as much as you do. As much as you love listening to Slayer not everyone will appreciate your passion for it. So, how to go on about your interests and passions? Just mention certain facts on your profile, don't go on writing essays about it, and don’t be annoying. That's the most important thing about it, keep it short and sweet, and when you meet up with someone, then you may talk more about it, but never overdo it!

Take it slow and easy

You might be a funny guy among your friends, but not everyone on the Internet has the same humor. The same goes for the people from other countries. Jokes don't go well over the Internet because it is hard to hear the tone of the person talking. It's hard to understand when someone is being ironic, sarcastic or just joking. Something which might seem hilarious to you could be annoying to someone else. Just take it slow, get to know the person you are talking to better before trying to be a joker.

With all of these things in mind, your profile will be more noticeable and you will definitely have more chances of finding someone who would like to get to know you better. Good luck!

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