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Keeping the momentum in dating a Russian woman

Once you have gone on a date or two with her, you have to ask yourself "what next?"

You need to have a plan, a way to keep her interested in you. You mustn't let your dating run out of steam too early, because she will definitely lose all the interest she had in the beginning. People often tend to get bored when they receive too much too soon. Pacing is very important, you should definitely think about how you will approach first few dates because they mean the difference between more dates and being back on square one.


Fun is important

Dating is all about fun, two of you should have fun together and it is your job to keep her interested. Keep her amused and let her experience the more relaxed side of you. You should always think of new things to do together to keep her entertained, because as soon as she feels bored; she will try to find new thrills.

Being mysterioust

We don't mean that you should wear a trench coat and talk less. We want to say that you shouldn't give of yourself much too soon. Keep her guessing, there always has to exist an element of surprise. She has to look at you as some sort of a riddle. A riddle which she learns more about with each date, but always leaves something for the guessing. This maybe sounds hard, but on the contrary it is pretty simple. Just don't tell your entire story early on and don't explain everything always.

Being mysterioust

Women like it when a man has something going. They will see you as an interesting individual if you stick to your busy main life and your routines. Don't explain why you have to go somewhere, what you need to do. Just inform her that you have stuff going on and that you must do it. Leave her guessing. This does not mean that you should lie or play silly games with her. Just stick to what you are doing, but don't reveal everything to her.

Refrain from sex... for some time

Desire is a very powerful tool. If you have gone out on a few dates and you want to see each other more, then there is certainly some attraction. That doesn't mean that you should hop in the bed as soon as possible. It can be hard, but try to refrain from it until the desire consumes you both. It will make you both enjoy sex a lot more and it will certainly create a special bond between you two. Just don't wait too long for it because she might start thinking that you don't find her attractive. As with everything, finding a perfect balance is the key.


Talk to her and listen to what she has to say. It is very important to get to know each other better. She should know how you feel and you should know how she feels. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and don't be shy about answering them. Listen to her, provide for her needs. By listening to her you will see how you can keep the relationship alive.


Be spontaneous

Routine is boring, and women don't like it one bit. Surprise her with flowers , candy or a meal in a restaurant. Try to think of new things at the most unusual times. Do you go out every Saturday to the same restaurant? Break the cycle; try something new, it will keep you both happier and more eager to see one another next time.

We hope that this small article will help you greatly with keeping the relationship with a Russian woman alive. Some of the things written here might seem a bit hard, but the end justifies the means. Do your best, try to keep it interesting, and show her that you care by trying to be different and fresh, she will definitely appreciate it.

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dating russian women
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