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Types of men that Russian women avoid

Every woman is looking for something different in a man. The same goes for Russian women, they are all different and each one of them appreciates certain things. When it comes to things which women don't like, it is very easier to make a list because most of the women who want a serious relationship avoid certain types of men. It is the same with Russian women; they are not much different than any other women. We hope that this article will help you with avoiding certain behavior which Russian ladies don't like.


- Sex-obsessed men

Men think about sex as much as women do, it is a myth that women don't think about sex and that they don't enjoy it. That does not mean that women want to be covered in sexual comments from men. Russian women like to get to know the man they are talking to and talking about sex while the relationship is in the beginning phase is a big turn-off for them. You might think that a woman will be flattered by a comment about her smoking hot body or what you would enjoy doing to her. The truth is that such comments are bound to make her feel uncomfortable. Not only will she feel uncomfortable, she will be under an impression that you are only interested in sex not in a serious relationship. Men who are seeking a long-term relationship have to avoid talking about sex while the relationship is still fresh. Lots of men confuse dating websites for adult chat rooms, but they never get lucky. Don't be one of those men, if you are looking for a serious relationship with a Russian woman; avoid acting like a sexually frustrated teenager.

- Arrogant men

There is nothing wrong with confidence, but a lot of men confuse it with arrogance. They are so confident about themselves that they don't notice when they start to sound arrogant. Arrogance is one of the things that Russian women don't like. It is okay to talk about your lifestyle and spare time, but try not to give out unnecessary information like how many cars you own, how big your house is, how much you rake in every month etc. Even if your intention is not to brag and sound arrogant, talking about those things may seem to Russian women as being obnoxious and even cocky. Remember, be confident, but remain modest. Most of the women who are not acting like children will appreciate modesty, so try to practice it. It will go a long way.

- Men with no passion

Russian ladies are attracted to men who are passionate about something. They like men who have drive and those who don't might seem boring and unattractive. You don't have to be one of the few people who has been into space, but it is always good to have dreams and ambitions. Don't think that ambitions have to be career oriented. Maybe you have a certain goal you would like to accomplish while you're alive, perhaps you have a hobby you are passionate about it. Just go for it and work on getting there, Russian women will notice it and like it a lot. If you find a woman who shares your passions, then you are in luck, because it is always nice to have someone with whom you can share your dreams and ambitions.

Russian women avoid

If you are serious about meeting and dating a Russian woman, be sure to keep your ego and libido in check. Women from all over the world, not only Russia avoid men who obsess over sex, men who are arrogant and men who have given up and have no passion. Take a good look at who you are, improve yourself and you will have a lot more luck with dating Russian woman.

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dating russian women
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