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What Is The Difference Between Love And Affection?

There are a lot of people in love on the planet. And only few of them have real and strong feelings. Someone does not share these two concepts, but in reality the difference is colossal.

Affection is just an attraction. It doesn’t last long, and it can be considered as a desire to be together and have some physical contact. But still a mixture of feelings and lust is not a true love.

Very often foreign men couldn’t understand what the love is, and what the affection is, when they meet Russian women. But at our dating service we’ll help you to distinguish the main difference between these two feelings.
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The affection is often accompanied by an inner holiday, some intoxication and euphoria from everything that is happening. There are common symptoms of the affection. These are frequent changes of mood, idealization of the object of desire, enthusiasm and naivety in views. Very often a man feels an affection to someone he doesn’t know at all. He independently decides to invent his character and draw a beautiful appearance. See also How To Avoid 10 Main Mistakes In Bed?

Often men don’t understand that, that having fallen in love with beautiful Slavic girls, they decide to make them ideal in their minds, and don’t notice any shortcomings. They jump for joy, coming to absolute certainty that they have found the ideal woman. But she’s ideal because a man wants to think so.  But over time, this person opens up from the other side, and shows one’s whole nature - bad character, selfishness, arrogance, etc. And if after that the butterflies in the belly are not stifled, then you have met the real love.

There are five main phases of true love. They roughly represent the life phases of any person and his relationship to others over the entire period of time.

- The first phase or the infant phase. During this phase a person cannot love, he is concentrated on his desires. The most important is to satisfy your needs. At this stage, love is full of selfishness.

- The second phase or the phase of parental love. At this phase a person begins to love not only himself, but also someone else.

- The third phase or the phase of friendly love. A person has friends whom he likes. He learns to communicate with people, choosing those who interested in him. From that moment he loves not only his family, but also other members of society.

- The fourth phase or the phase of the youthful love. There is interest in the opposite sex. This is the time of trial and error, the formation of personality and the emergence of principles.
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- The fifth phase or the phase of mature love. At this time a man falls in love not in the picture, but in the inner world of the object, taking all his qualities. A person ceases to think only of himself. He begins to decide what he will be able to give to the woman he likes. He puts his interests on a step below the interests of a loved one.
A lot of people in the modern world get married when they are ready to love only themselves and no one else (the first phase). Someone will never pass to the second phase, and some already by the age of twenty are firmly on the fifth phase.

It is worth deciding which phase you are in. You need to carefully consider and weigh your feelings for your loved one. If in time they go away, and your half begins to annoy you with her presence - this is an unkind sign, and it’s better for you to break up. (Read Best Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship).
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So, if you dream to be happy you should also know how to accept the love.

  1. Let the love come into your life. When love is given to you, you are not obliged to respond or give it back immediately. Instead, before you take any action, wait as long as you need to let the love penetrate your life.
  2. Do not protest. Automatic subconscious protest in many cases exactly takes place, but not when someone offers you true love. When you are presented with a compliment, do not reject it with a statement: "No. It is not true. I'm really ugly / idiot/boring."
  3. Let the past remain in the past. Only because you have been offended, rejected and disappointed, it does not mean that you are unattractive to others. Approach each new relationship as if it was the first time.
  4. Be open to love in all its forms. Love does not always mean that you will always be together, until death. Sometimes it can manifest itself simply as a smile from a stranger on the street. How much love can you notice in your current life?
  5. The last but not the least rule is to remember that by accepting the love that others give you, you not only do something good for yourself, but you also present it with a gift to the person who offered you love. The only thing that can be better than getting love from someone, is to give your own love to someone.

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